An Expressing Deluge

How does one dispel the illusion of social limitations? The only plausible way is by attempting to exceed it. I know what you are thinking. “How can you exceed a limitation?” My answer is another question, one to ponder: What do you consider a limitation? Let’s consider my own seemingly limited social foundation. I have a handful of close friends, whom I am very supporting of and familiar, and am infinitely loyal towards as they are me. Beyond them is a small constellation of friends that I have either known a long time or consider respectable individuals to hold small conversations with every now and again. The stars that shine beyond are outside my social interest or reach. I generally keep my thoughts to myself, afraid to express my emotions for fear of misinterpretation, which is why I sometimes reflect the persona of apathy and sardonicism only to add an afterthought both profound and assertive. This way I share my thoughts while guarding my insecurities.

However, to a writer this can be damaging. A writer must be free to write how he or she feels without feeling the need to accommodate the ever judging populace that surf the waves of the internet. When you build a structure beside the ocean you want it to withstand the impending storms that dance in the distance rather than flee and rebuild every time a swell happens upon it. The same goes for a writer. A writer must have steadfast beliefs and a logical perspective towards opinions, else they would easily be lifted on an upsurge of contempt and drown in failure. Thusly, a writer must be open to change. A story may be too emotional or emotionless. Sometimes it is necessary for a writer to express from a differing point-of-view, even if it conflicts with their own.

Some lucky souls find their way through the dark when they happen upon a light of recognition. This does not mean that it is not deserved. Others, however, must make due by using their hands and feeling their way into the light. Some never make it out of the dark. The most important aspect of a writer’s work is to provide inspiration, to be a light of their own brilliance. Knowing that your words were able to reach someone when they may have needed it most; the feeling is near indescribable. Not to limit that it only reaches so far as strangers without faces. Confidence in your work and the effort itself may inspire those closest to a writer such as friends and loved ones.  We all sometimes wish to be the catalyst that sparks the wick aflame. That feeling is what drives a writer’s passion: Conveying the initiative to reach out and inspire.