Success for Thought?

Sometimes high hopes and vivid dreams are the fog that cause us to stumble through life. We spend more time planning than we do reacting that sometimes we don’t see the ground reaching up to embrace us. How do we balance this? How can we dream of the future and yet focus on our present without having to sacrifice something? This question is haunting, but it’s our doubts that remind us that we are human, that we are falible. Tripping up the mountain of success keeps us humble where our scars are concerned. Some sacrifices must be made, it is a demand that must be met. Whether it’s to go on alone or setting aside another dream, the choice is never easy. A sacrifice isn’t always so dramatic, however. It may mean less time spent with a loved one or less focus on that dream of yours, but they are still with you and there will be days where your priorities should be reversed for them. Success is a bitter taste without the elegance of a happy life. If I were given a choice between success and a family, I would choose family. If I am to be successful I’ll dig into the dirt with my bare hands, place the seeds, water and wait. If my resolve is strong and my intent true, it will grow.

If there are no ties holding you from flying, then let yourself soar. Brush the clouds with your fingertips as your wings are painted gold in the shimmering sunlight, but don’t forget the ground, far below, where you once kissed the mud. Failures are the fires that lift us from ash of complacency and hope is the wind that steals us away. Our past makes us. It starts with our childhood, our parents, memories, the wrongs we’ve done or witnessed, the pain we’ve felt. All of it. The day you forget our past is the day you forget yourself. Don’t bleed yourself out by asking yourself, “what if?” The past is a reference, not a mandate. Understand it and use it to drive you forward.

Take your time when making a decision. Wars are waged on impulse but the battles are fought by the disciplined. If an opportunity presents itself you may jump through the window without looking but it’s the landing that will dictate the future. If your choice has you falling out of a second story window you either panic and plummet to the ground or you tuck and roll. Whatever you are faced with there is always a choice and where you go after your initial decision is up to you. The first decision is always the most important. Perhaps you should have looked down.

Fixating on a past mistake can consume your integrity toward your next decision. If you feel you should have, indeed, looked down, then remember that the next time your faced with a decision. Use the phrase as a handhold, as a literary symbol. If after a few months you find yourself needing to commit, look down. Take some time to think about the situation. Understand the possibilities of a simple choice, but don’t wait too long. Hesitation is the cause of most missed opportunities. Windows close more often than the open.