An Introduction of Intent

How do we create something that can be considered to have true worth? What is involved in the innovative process that determines the difference between something decent and something precious? I could sit here all day and conceive ideas but, in the end, it would only be conjecture. Instead, I am going to be the rat of my own experiment and you, the viewers, are my scientists as well as my critics. Most of what I post will be of my own inspiration, but, once in a while, I will accept challenges to write something that may be out of my field or familiarity.

Becoming the Beacon, I chose this title for a reason. Every person needs a purpose, a personal goal to reach, to truly feel inspired and impassioned.  Mine is to grow as a writer and to discern what it is that drives us, emotionally. My emotions are in a constant swirl of change and consideration. I am undetermined as to what my true calling is, whether it is fiction writing or perhaps delving into the philosophical realm of the literary field, but I do know that I want to be something. I want to be someone.

Long have I been content with being unknown. “I’ll get there someday.” I would tell myself. But I prefer the shadows to the light. It’s safe. It’s cowardice. You can’t hide and hope to be successful. It all begins with that first step, the same step that you must take before every life-affecting decision, which is acceptance. To accept something isn’t to simply acknowledge it, but to make decisions that accrue an understanding of it. For example, I wish to be more fluent in my verbal communication with others and to feel less nervous about speaking my mind or discussing topics that don’t generally interest me. So I accepted an opportunity to meet with a man and listen to his offer of business to increase my income in my spare time. I don’t have any real interest in accepting his offer, my mind is already distracted enough, but I welcome the experience. At the very least it may prepare me to act more professionally when required.  It may not sound very grandiose, and it isn’t. The scale of the act doesn’t matter as much as the act itself.  Baby steps, we all know the phrase, but do we truly understand it? One thing leads to another, starting small and gaining in stride. Watch as I go from shuffling, to walking, to jogging, and then sprinting. I’ll pause every now and then if I feel short of breath, but this is a commitment and I’ll cling to it as long as my passion breathes.

Money isn’t a concern of mine, only an abstract detail that blurs one’s attention and prevents innovation. The reward should be the intellectual achievement and recognition, sugarcoated by a fair profit if it is career based. I’m just starting. Writing is my hobby and my muse and as such is not subject to profit. Money may be abstract in its detail but it is practical in its necessity in our society and people feed off of this necessity. Every writer’s worst nightmare is having their work stolen and plastered with another’s name and watching as the thief is rewarded at the expense of their deep thought and hard work. Simply starting a blog on the internet places one in danger of being targeted, but I would take the risk. We must fight for what is ours if we are to respect ourselves. Never be pushed around by someone who thinks themselves entitled to what is yours. The calluses on your hands and heart are the only proof of entitlement that you should require. I’m not in this for the money, not yet. One day I dream of being on the best-seller shelves, but for now I’m interested only in aesthetics.

I’m climbing the cliff of personal enlightenment and I fear not the fall. I don’t ask for help and I don’t expect to reach the top any time soon. But I would hear your words echo in the empty space. So join me as I attempt to elevate and come climbing with me.


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